The Museum

This is not a simple visit, but a real time trip!

Compare current life to that of our ancestors and reflect on this evolution: positive or negative?

The “street of the region” illustrates the village and its landscape. Then you will visit several rooms kept in their original size, very small and in some cases not very high, which enhances the museum with a particular charm.  

Each room illustrates a different theme.

When you hear the term "Country Museum", you might think of an agriculture museum but think again! Country life has many facets and the museum will present them to you, such as housework, hygiene, school, religion, social life, craftmanship, to name just a few themes that make up daily life in the Ardennes villages.

All explanations are written in English and Luxemburgish, illustrated by historical photographs.  

Plus, our explanatory booklets in other languages can be found at the reception. 


The museum is open every day between Easter and All Saints Day from 14h to 18h - last ticket at 17h.

For groups and school classes, we are open all day and throughout the year. Just make an appointment!

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Rural Activities



We are open for groups all year, on demand.

The museum tour takes about two hours and upon request, your group can be accompanied by a local guide who will be able to tell some old stories and anecdotes that can’t be found elsewhere. 

Also, we can organize different activities such as cooking workshops, walks and local trips.

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