Who are we?

 For over 40 years, our non-profit organization has been collecting remains of the past to create our museum. Our passion is our history!


It’s in the beginning of the 80’s that local farms began to be restored.  

An at the same time our members began to collect many objects that were worth preserving. And so, the idea of creating a place to show these little treasures and to explain to future generations how people lived and worked, came to light.

Looking for a suitable building, the organization buys the house called “a Schiewesch” in 1983. According to historical texts, this old sheepfold built in 1600, was enlarged in 1725 with a house an in 1950 with stables.

Club members worked hard to renovate the house. In 1988, the museum could finally open. In 1990, the association was able to buy the Glesener house, perpendicular to the "Schieweschhaus", a former agricultural estate. The vaulted cellar and the ground floor are now connected to the existing museum. On May 26 in 1996, the inauguration of the expanded museum took place.

Complete renewal

In 2015, the museum was completely modernized. Now the lobby has become the "street of the region", which takes you to 20 rooms, representing different scenes of rural life. More than 50 different themes are illustrated with realistic settings, photos and explanatory panels.


We are open for groups all year, on demand.

The museum tour takes about two hours and upon request, your group can be accompanied by a local guide who will be able to tell some old stories and anecdotes that can’t be found elsewhere. 

Also, we can organize different activities such as cooking workshops, walks and local trips.

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