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Gromperefest Landmuseum Binsfeld Luxemburg


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The Gromperefest 2021 is cancelled.
But we have a surprise for you!

We have set up a drive-in so you can still pick up your potatoes.

Please fill out the order form below so we can plan for that day.

Batti Patatti

The Batti Patatti is now also available to buy as a bottle, filled with an apple liqueur from the Gansen-Diseviscourt distillery, Finsterthal.

This limited edition of 50 pieces was made in the pottery of Atelier Kraizbierg by people with disabilities. Each bottle is unique and handmade.

The price for one bottle is 50,-€.

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k-Gromperefest 3.JPG

Responsible publisher


Syndicat pour la défense des intérêts locaux Binsfeld Holler Breidfeld

Ëlwenterstrooss 8
L-9946 Binsfeld

Tel: +352 97 98 20
Fax:+352 97 98 19

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The following associations take part in the organisation of the Gromperefest:

In addition, there are numerous volunteers from near and far.

Many thanks to all of them!

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