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Klompen in de koestal

DE  Am 20. April 2023 haben wir unsere niederländische Ausstellung "Klompen in de koestal" in der Anwesenheit vom Herrn Minister Claude Haagen offiziell eingeweiht.


EN  On 20 April 2023, we officially opened our Dutch exhibition "Klompen in de koestal" in the presence of Minister Claude Haagen.

FR  Le 20 avril 2023, nous avons officiellement inauguré notre exposition néerlandaise "Klompen in de koestal" en présence du ministre Claude Haagen. 

Bis zum 1. November täglich geöffnet von 14 bis 18 Uhr / Open daily until 1 November from 2 to 6 p.m. / Ouvert tous les jours de 14h à 18h jusqu'au 1er novembre

Picture: © Fernand Koch, Fotoclub Camera on t‘Our

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Country museum Binsfeld

It’s in an exceptional landscape of the Luxemburgish Ardennes that the Binsfeld museum welcomes you. The museum presents the region’s history through scenes of the rural life form former times. More than 50 themes, thousands of objects and photographs in a living museum full of surprises for young and old.


In 1971, the association for the defense of interests Binsfeld-Holler-Breidfeld was established. Since then, it publishes regularly a journal named "BiHoB" that discusses regional topics. Soon after the establishment of the association, it was chosen to join the tourism sector. The "Counrty Museum A Schiewesch" was then inaugurated in 1988. Some years later, in 1996, the idea of a lodging for groups was realized. The holiday home can accommodate groups up to 20 people and invites them to discover the area.

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k-Museum Binsfeld Ausstellung Sehenswürd

The Museum

More than 50 themes of former rural times are explained through 20 exhibition rooms.


The cottage

Next to the museum, our cottage welcomes groups up to 28 people.

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Rural activities and walks can be organized for groups on demand.

Museum Binsfeld Aktivitäten Wäisswampech Eifel


We are open for groups all year, on demand.

The museum tour takes about two hours and upon request, your group can be accompanied by a local guide who will be able to tell some old stories and anecdotes that can’t be found elsewhere.

Also, we can organize different activities such as cooking workshops, walks and local trips.

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