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Museum Binsfeld Backen Herberge - Freizeitaktivitäten


Activities are regularly organized.

Reservations and further information on request.

1. Museum rallye

Be attentive during the museum tour, as this will give you an advantage when answering the questionnaire and solving the puzzle afterwards. After both have been successfully mastered as a team, the big race for the hidden museum treasure begins.


  • Children from 8 years and adults

  • +/- 2 hours

  • Single price: 10€ ; group price (from 16 persons): 9€

2. Ghost Albert

For some time now we have suspected that there is a new resident in the museum. Unfortunately, he hides very well, so we need your help! Join us on an interactive ghost hunt through our unique museum.


  • Children from 4 years

  • 1 - 2 hours

  • Single price: 10€ ; group price (from 16 persons): 9€

3. Panorama rides


Discover the beautiful Ösling in a comfortable sitting position? Thanks to our panoramic trips in covered wagons, this is possible.

  • Children and adults

  • maximum 20 people per trip

  • 1 hour

  • Single price: 5€ ; Driver: 50€ per ride

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4. Baking in the old wood-fired oven 


A taste journey into the traditional preparation of food. Whether a delicious pizza or the helpful museum screw: what you conjure up from the freshly prepared yeast dough is up to you. One thing is certain, however: the baking is done in an old wood-burning oven!

  • Children and adults

  • 1 hour

  • Pizza:

    • single price: 17€ ; group price (from 16 persons): 15€

  • Museum screw:

    • single price: 6€ ; group price (from 16 persons): 4,5

5. „Grompererafen“ in September - Oktober


The big potato harvest is just around the corner, so we need your help! We drive together to the potato field, experience how the potatoes are dug up in the traditional way and then it's time to HELP fill the sacks! After the work we quickly make our way home, because there the delicious traditional potato dish, the "Gromperekéichelcher", is waiting to be eaten.

  • To take home: a bag of potatoes

  • Groups of children aged 4 and over

  • 1 hour

  • single price (without "Gromperekéichelcher"): 5€ ; single price (with "Gromperekéichelcher"): 11€; Driver: 30€ per ride


Enjoy a typical meal and the flavors of yesteryear!

Our authentic wood-fired oven is lit on a regular basis, so you can prepare your own pie or pizza dough and garnish it with either home-grown vegetables or cold cuts and cheese from local producers.


Our hiking trails are beautifully landscaped and lead hikers through the nature of the “Ösling” landscape, beyond discovering magnificent views.


We can help you to organize your school trip if you plan an educational day or week! Different tours, activities and walking tours can be organized for the youngest and the oldest. A new animation program has been developed for children from 8 years upwards.


We can offer various activities and walks according to your desires, the time you have, the size and age of your group.

Activities can also be adapted for people with reduced mobility.

Museum Binsfeld Backen Herberge - Freizeitaktivitäten


Next to the Binsfeld Museum, an old farmhouse has been completely renovated and furnished to accommodate groups. Composed of two dormitories and individual rooms for the supervisors, it can accommodate up to 28 people.

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